The Purpose Built Functional Snack!

What it is:

Katapult is a complete and balanced blend of superfoods that gives you everything you need to keep going.

It’s as simple as this: We are all busy. We all want to be healthy and we all want to get the most out of our day. What we put in our body determines how we perform, how we feel and ultimately the impact we make. I created Katapult so I can have the peace of mind that I’m getting everything my body needs through a balanced blend of superfoods so I can just keep going. Now it’s easy and convenient to eat healthy on the go.

There are three things that makes Katapult unique. First, it is formulated to contain everything the body needs. You can literally live on it! Second, we only use nutrient dense superfoods that are all specifically chosen to benefit the body and help you perform at your best. Third, our minimal processing and low temperature dehydration processes retains the integrity of the foods, just the way nature intended. All of this is packed into convenient bags of crisps that you can always have with you to power through your day.

How it came to be:

The inspiration for Katapult struck while I was working twelve-hour days as a builder and business owner. Running all aspects of the company I had little time to stop and eat a real meal. I tried every so-called "healthy" snack out there, but I was left feeling depleted. My body just wasn't getting the nutrients it needed.

Well, if you want something done right... go ahead and build it yourself.   

I set out to create the perfect snack. I began a global quest to find the most nutrient dense foods that benefit the body. I then partnered with nutritionists to determine the ideal ratios of macronutrients the body requires. After countless tweaks to the recipe I finally created KATAPULT - a delicious snack that you could literally live on! Plant based, balanced macronutrients, raw, sprouted, organic, gluten free, functional superfoods nutrient dense and filled with antioxidants. 

Life is an adventure. Whether you're building, creating, or out exploring the world, you now have KATAPULT to FUEL YOUR FIRE!

Tested: I have traveled extensively, climbed mountains, worked endless hours, created new businesses all while using Katapult as the fuel to get me through and I can say that it works, it works well ...and tastes amazing! Check out the blog for some of the wild adventures and stories around the world. 



All products hand made in California. 

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